About Us

Africa Press International (API) was founded in March 2008 by Cameroonian born Dutch Journalist, Poet and author Larry Bate Takang, for the advancement of Journalism standards in Africa. API seeks to help improve the skills of working African journalists in the mainstream and community media whether in broadcasting, print or online. We also seek to promote developmental and cultural Journalism in Africa. 

Africa Press International is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization founded to encourage and promote a writing and reading culture amongst Africans. This involves books writing, Magazine, Newspaper publications etc.

We support all Organizations also promoting high Journalism standards in Africa, as well as all organizations and institutions trying to encourage education.


API was a registered Organization with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with Registration number: KVK no.  24434890. It had legal perpetual power, (apart from its members) to acquire, hold and alienate property; enter into agreements and do all necessary activities to carry out and achieve its aims and objectives, defend its members, property and reputation. API has now moved it Headquarters to Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Official Publication (African Celebrities Magazine)

The African Celebrities Magazine is the official publication of Africa Press International. It is an International full colour Magazine with both print and online versions. It is intended to primarily encourage Africans to strive for the best and recognize those who are making a difference in Africa.

These positive aspects are meant to rebuild hope, pride and self-belief, so that even in the middle of a crisis or after a crisis many can still look up and try to do something positive for themselves and their communities.

The Africa Press International (API) and the African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) both support the following campaigns: 1) Campaign against Human Trafficking; 2) Campaign against Child Labour; 3) Campaign against Human Slavery; 4) Campaign for Press Freedom in Africa and; 5) The campaign for Child Literacy.

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