Our Mission

Africa Press International (API)’s primary mission is to recognize and encourage Africans in the media, communications as well as writers and budding writers dedicated to improving the standard Journalism and literacy in Africa.

In supporting and promoting Journalistic standards; the art of writing by Africans for Africans and fighting against readership crisis amongst Africans, Africa Press International recognizes how difficult, if not impossible it will be without soliciting the support of our colleagues in the media: Journalists, Photojournalists, Freelance Journalists, Students of Mass Communications, Newspaper and Magazine publishers, Book publishers, Public Relations practitioners as well as Africans and lovers of Africa in general.  

API has a clear and public mission that focuses on building credibility and exposure for ethical independent media professionals in Africa. 

We want to encourage the thousands of African Journalists, photographers, Movie makers, videographer’s, writers, bloggers, webmasters and all members of the independent media to continue bringing their photos, stories and revelations to the public. African media practitioners and writers have brought some of the most compelling stories, photos and videos to the public. But many have done so, at great personal risk. 

API recognizes that the Press is the fourth estate and its function is to act as a guardian of the public interest and as a watchdog of the society. If Africa must grow, the role of the press is paramount. But again, to play a paramount role, it is paramount to be better trained and to understand that role.

Our website has been created as a point of focus to share and inform ourselves. Members will find API as a dedicated organization bent of achieving its goals. We will continue to work hard to be true to this mission and dedicated to supporting API members as best we can while listening and learning from them as well.

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