Welcome to the Official Website of Africa Press International (API-UK). Africa Press International (API-UK) is a UK based International Media Organisation initially founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in March 2008. 

API was created for the advancement of modern Journalism in Africa. It seeks to help improve the skills of young and budding African journalists and student Journalists both in the mainstream and community media whether in broadcast, print or online media. While it is widely believed that there are five principal types of journalism: investigative, news, reviews, columns and feature, with each  Journalistic form and style using different techniques and writing formats for different purposes and audiences, API-UK believes that the list above omits two main categories of Journalism, namely: Developmental and cultural Journalism. These are the key two forms that we mainly seek to promote.

Very importantly, by advancing media and communications, we are conscious of the fact that Media is simply the primary source of medium used to reach vast majority of general public. By promoting all forms of media, one of our goals is to encourage media practitioners in Africa to use media to the fullest through professional communications, as well as studying and understanding the political, cultural, social and economic issues relating to Africa, with the objective of dutifully practicing developmental Journalism.

We also promote and advance the culture of writing and reading among Africans, with particular focus on the youths, as a means of addressing the major writing and readership crisis facing Africans.







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