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About us


Africa Press International (API) is an International Media Organization Founded in March 2008 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It was founded by Journalist, former Broadcaster and author, Larry Bate Takang. API was created for the advancement of Journalism in Africa.

API seeks to help improve the skills of working African journalists in the mainstream and community media whether in broadcasting, print or online. We also seek to promote developmental and cultural Journalism in Africa.

Very importantly, API aims at encouraging and promoting a writing and reading culture amongst Africans. This involves books writing, Magazine, Newspaper publications etc with particular focus on the youths, as a means of addressing the major writing and readership crisis facing Africans.


API is a registered Organization with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with full legal perpetual powers. It has a board of Directors and partners.

Official Publication (African Celebrities Magazine)

African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) is a major project under API. It is also its official publication. It is an International full colour Magazine with both print and online versions. The online version guarantees fast and more effective international reach.

API and the African Celebrities Magazine take a very positive approach in their styles. It is one of encouraging people to try rather than just complain. One of believing in the power of the human mind in relations to their dreams and the believe that, success is not achieved by never falling, but by rising every time we fall.


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