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Welcome to Africa Press International (API)

Africa Press International (API) was founded in March 2008 to advance Journalism in Africa as well

as promote the culture of writing (books, Magazines, Newspapers etc). API also promotes the

culture of reading at a time when it is believed Africa suffers from a readership crisis.

Africa Press International is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization founded in 2008 by Journalist, former broadcaster and author

Larry Bate Takang.


API supports all Organizations also promoting Journalistic standards in Africa as well as all

organizations and institutions trying to encourage education.

African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) is one of the main projects of Africa Press International. API

and the African Celebrities Magazine support the following campaigns:

1) Campaign for Press Freedom in Africa

2) Campaign against Child Labor

3) Campaign against Human Slavery

4)  Campaign against Human Trafficking and

5) The campaign for Child Literacy

Our website is being updated daily. We hope you will always visit us as we try to work towards

making a difference.

Journalists at Radio France International (RFI) Paris



Africa Press International (API) Launches Fund Raising Campaign on GoFundMe


Africa Press International has launched

a worldwide campaign on the Crowd Funding

website GoFundme. The campaign titled:

"Save these Journalists from Death" is aimed

at raising funds to provide protective

equipments, communications gadgets and training

guides to African Journalists in the three most Ebola affected countries in Africa (Liberia,

Sierra Leone and Guinea).We argue that Journalists in the three most affected countries

need safety equipments to basically stay alive.


It should be noted that Eight African Journalists

have died from Ebola related incidences.

Many are seriously Afraid, to venture into the

field to report on the level of the crisis

without proper protection. International

Journalists are also extremely afraid to travel in

to infected countries. They mostly report from neighboring countries, without first-hand

information on what is actually going on. As a result the crisis so far is being massively

under-reported. Because of this, the understanding of what is actually happening on the

ground is limited. This is actually affecting the process of seeking solutions.






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